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4:50 PM 4/17/2018

Hey guys, still working on the 50 subscriber special, in the meantime, try traveling 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Tell me what you find in the comments! Good Luck

1:50 PM 3/27/2018


Special thanks to all 50 followers and everyone else that views this site. THis site is one of the only projects I've ever really focused on for more then 2 days, and you guys have been my inspiration in keeping it running for almost 3 years now! Y'all really rock.

I'm going to do a 50 follower special by reading a story from somewhere, probably rainstormsinjuly, but in the meantime, y'all can check out this lil clip of me hacking on

Thanks again!

12:28 AM 3/22/2018

Ever used a MOO? Try out Lambda MOO whenever you get the chance, it's worth the trip!

I know I posted this on my old telnet page, but what ever lol
9:00 PM 3/20/2018

Like I promised!

Why is everything upside down! This is why I HATE IPhone!!
To make it up for you guys, I'll upload pics of my TRS80 model 100 and game stuff. Stay Tuned.

10:18 PM 3/18/2018

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but this is a groovy Web 1.0 website from 1994 that's still kind of active. It's called! It has a bunch of "web art" from way back in the day. Enjoy!

2:10 PM 3/17/2018

How meta can you get? List of Lists of Lists

2:02 PM 3/15/2018

Hey guys, been wanting to show yall this for a while. Here's my school's TRS-80 Model 4!

The teacher that used to use it for the Compsci Class, who oftentimes brought his vintage machines to school, quit in 2015. And the computer has sat unused until... I came along >:) I purchased $40.00 worth of boot disks, manuals, and games for the machine. Next week I'll post some pics of this baby in action! Cheers!

4:20 PM 3/14/2018

We have a new movie in the movie room!!! I havent watched the whole thing yet but it loooks exciting. Let me know how it is in the comments!

11:30 PM 3/11/2018

Good evening. I'm gonna keep this brief.
If you're bored you should check this website out: Choose Your Story.
It's a great place to lurk and play adventure games.
Good luck

11:30 AM 3/8/2018

Good morning. Snow day today! There's something big I need to discuss with you guys. I've been wanting to add a BIG VR update to this site for a while. Like a HUGE one. But for the longest time I had no idea what direction it was going to take. However, after doing some lurking on I thought I knew what I was going to do. I planned to use the Super Mario 64 map for peach's castle (mainly because of it's small file size and detail), and a few others as some of the rooms for the project (which would be similar to project Omega, but with an exploration theme to it). I had the map all downloaded and scaled to work for VR and everything, but there was one thing that stood in my way. DMCA Strikes!!! I don't want to put my site in jeopardy because of copyrights or whatever. So I won't be uploading that. So after 4 hours of messing with 3d modeling programs, I settled with MagicaVoxel to make my maps with. Here's a screenshot of how it looks so far:

However, its a little slow when it loads, and the performace is not as good as it could be. But yall know neocities is all about the aesthetics. Would you rather me make some 3D models in MagicaVoxel (not as good performance, but aesthetics are good) or just use the A-Frame shapes (it would look lame, but performance would be better) for the project?

PS: I own the domain, and I'm going to use that to link to it :)

11:00 PM 2/25/2018

I'm not sure if I posted this already but yall NEED to play this game. It's an old HTML title written in the mid 90's called "CyberMUD". It's a really fun choose-your-own adventure game that I think is pretty historic. It was written before I was born but anyone who's been on telnet will feel the nostalgia lol. Check it out!

12:04 PM 2/22/2018

Hello internet. Welcome to game th3ory. I just wanted to give a the site a new kind of flair. I gave the look a huge overhaul so I guess that's a thing. No more hotlinking for me. VR is still an intrest, so is music and this that or thereother. I'm going to post some more stuff whenever.